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History of the PAS

Short biography of John Gittinger -
the inventor of the PAS

Introduction of John Gittinger at a dinner in his honor.

"The CIA man" - 1986 Tulsa Tribute article about John Gittinger


Board of Directors
Personality Assessment System Foundation

Paul Sletton Ph.D. - President pmsletten@mac.com

Roxanne L. Duvivier Ph.D. - Vice President roxannelightduvivier@gmail.com

Donna DesRosiers Ph.D. - Treasurer desrosiersd@nausetschools.org

Christine Farmer MA Clinical Psychology - Director of Project Management hdladyc@aol.com

Peter M Shea - Ed.D. - Member at Large hdladyc@aol.com

Earl M. Rodd - Director of Digital Materials, Archives, and Web Management erodd@alumni.rice.edu